Visually Expanding the Kitchen Galley

Kitchen Galley Galley Kitchen Galley Kitchen

For those of you who have not heard of the term “kitchen galley”, it is basically a kitchen aisle which is most known for its small cooking space. The kitchen galley usually has an ideal width of approximately four to six feet. However, the supposedly tiny working space does not make this kitchen galley unfavorable by home owners. In fact, many of them are interested in installing this kitchen galley because of the efficient space. What is even better is that these kitchen galleys can be improved to further be even more perfect with the right design features which can expand the area visually.

The traditional kitchen galleys may be narrow, but it does not necessarily mean that the style options are always slim. In fact, with the perfect match of inspiring design, home owners can maximize the utilities that the kitchen galley have with the suitable renovation and worthy cost. If you are interested in installing the kitchen galley, you should consider looking at the best samples of them under this post that we have collected in a little compilation with the helpful displayed pictures below. Always keep in mind to get one that matches your taste the most.

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